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Eden is Broken

The Dominica High Commission, in response to the state of emergency declared by the Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit, Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica, wishes to inform and appeal to nationals and friends of Dominica across the UK to mobilize efforts in obtaining resources to aid Dominica.

An Official Call for Help from the Dominica High Commission

Leaving a trail of destruction in its wake, Hurricane Maria has taught us that a prosperous, growing nation can lose everything in a matter of hours, and that caring, welcoming people can see their entire livelihoods washed away. Dominica, with its once-promising economy and kind-hearted citizens, now finds itself in urgent need of regional and international support.

We are grateful for and humbled by, the messages of solidarity and words of encouragement received from all across the world. Without doubt, however, at this time of dire national crisis, concrete aid is desperately required.

To direct assistance where it is most needed, we have established the Dominica Hurricane Maria Relief Fund. It is too soon to have an exact estimate of the damage caused by the hurricane, but there is a strong reason to believe that billions of dollars have been lost overnight. This website stands as our plea for help, and as the first stage of a relief mission that will take days, months, and years to complete.


Donate Through Just Giving

If you’re living the UK or abroad and would like to make a personal donation to the Fund, you can do so through the link below. Donations large and small are all welcome and help greatly towards Dominica’s recovery.

Number of Donations to Date

Donations in GBP

Our Goal GBP

Direct Transfer Donations

Direct donations can also be made to Dominica’s High Commission in London, or to the New York Consulate General of Dominica/Permanent Mission of the Commonwealth of Dominica to the United Nations. An official bank account has also been established for those who wish to make donations internationally in USD, GDP, EURO and CAD. Relevant bank account details can be found by clicking the link below:


Donations in GBP

Bank of England


Account with Institution: ECCB


ECCB’s account number at Bank of England: 40920003

For Further Credit: Government of Dominica Call Account

Account Number: 310301005

Donations in USD

Federal Reserve Bank (NY)

Swift: FRNYUS33

Account with Institution: ECCB

Swift Code: ECCBKNSK

ECCB’s Account Number at the FED: 021083695

For Further Credit: Government of Dominica Call Account

Account Number: 310301005

Donations in CAD

Bank of Canada


Account with Institution: ECCB

Swift Code: ECCBKNSK

ECCB’s account number at Bank of Canada: 30641-1

For Further Credit: Government of Dominica Call Account

Account Number: 310301005

Donations in EURO

Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt


In Favour of: Crown Agents Bank


Crown Account No: 9608217

IBAN: DE35500700100960821700

Account with Institution: ECCB


ECCB’s Account Number at Crown Agents: 33792403

For Further Credit: Goverment of Dominica Call Account

Account Number: 310301005

Dominica’s Official Needs List


Water Purification Kit


Hygiene Kits

Kitchen Set



Baby Supplies


Portable Stoves

Contact Details


Domininca High Commission London

Phone: +44 (0)207 370 5194


Address: 1 Collingham Gardens, Earls Court

London SW5 0HW

United Kingdom


Consulate General of Dominica/Dominica Permanent Mission to the UN

Phone: +1 212 949 0853


Address: 685 Third Avenue, 11th Floor, Suite 1110

New York, NY 10017


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